Memorial Wine Box

A Memorial Wine Box can make your wedding ceremony unique.

While symbolic expressions like unity candles can add meaning to a wedding ceremony, most are fairly common. Constructing a memorial wine box as part of the ceremony remains a unique way to symbolize your commitment.

Marriage is not to be entered into without great thought and commitment. It means the blending of two lives together to the point that they become one. While this is a process, it remains the goal. Many couples include a unity candle or unity sand to illustrate this goal. A less familiar symbol, a memorial wine box, retains the idea of blending your lives together while also acknowledging that the process will be challenging.

A memorial box is similar to a time capsule. During the ceremony, the bride and the groom place letters that each has written in a container and seal that container for a future date. Often, the container is a hinged box, but it could be anything that can be sealed or locked. As the name implies, most couples also place a nice bottle of wine inside the box, though it would not be required. The box is then sealed – by nails, screws or wood glue – or locked. The idea is that it cannot be opened without intent.

The container is placed somewhere safe after the wedding ceremony with the idea that the couple will open it some years later and read the thoughts that were written by each to the other. These writings will serve to remind the couple of the dreams and hopes that motivated them to make a commitment in marriage. While this would be a wonderful way to celebrate a fifth or tenth anniversary, the container might also be opened if and when the couple finds themselves in crisis. In such times it can be valuable to have a tangible reminder of what brought the couple together.

The use of this symbol in the wedding ceremony requires some additional explanation for the guests. If you want to include this symbol in your ceremony, you need to make sure that your officiant understands the purpose and significance of the act and is equipped to explain this to the guest while you assemble and seal the memorial box.

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