Baby and Toddler Dedications

Baby DedicationIt is difficult to explain to someone who does not have a child all that this means for a new mother and father. Even with 9 months of getting used to the idea and making preparations for the new member of the family, it is impossible to be fully prepared for the flood and range of emotions that accompany the birth and continue for months afterwards.

I understand these emotions. In addition to experiencing the birth of my three children, I have had the joy of welcoming four granddaughters into this world. Few experiences in life can compare with the birth of your child or grandchild.

The birth of a child deserves to be observed in a special manner. It is time to celebrate the gift that has come into your life, to express gratitude for the precious life with which you have been entrusted, to affirm your commitment to care and nurture the newborn, to ask God’s blessings on the newborn and your family and to welcome the child into the world. Certainly your extended family should be a part of the dedication ceremony, but your friends will want to help you observe this special service as well.

If you are not part of a community of faith in which to commemorate the birth of your child, or you wish to have something more intimate, I can help create and conduct a special ceremony that reflects the hope, joy and love that you harbor for your newborn. The service can be held in a setting where you and your child are comfortable and surrounded by family and friends who can express their love and support for you and your newborn or young child.

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