Memorial and Funeral Services

“We were extremely pleased with the service. Everyone in attendance was very impressed. Many actually thought that you were our regular pastor, as they all felt that you made the service very personal.”

The death of a loved one or friend is difficult. A memorial service or funeral may provide a time of comfort and celebration in the midst of the shock that comes with losing someone you love. It is a time for others to acknowledge your grief and affirm the significance of your loss. It is also a time to celebrate the life and love that was sharedFuneral and to express gratitude for the person who was an important part of your life.

It is important, however, to have someone who can lead the memorial service or funeral in a professional manner with dignity and compassion. I have had the honor and privilege of conducting these services for many over the years, including members of my own family.

If you are in need of a minister to officiate for a memorial service, funeral or graveside service, please contact me or have the funeral director do so. Because of the immediacy of the need, please call me rather than relying on email or this website’s contact form.


If you find yourself suffering from grief, I recommend the following resources.:

Your Particular Grief Wayne Oates

Where is God When It Hurts – Philip Yancey

Gone but Not Lost: Grieving the Death of a Child – David Wiersbe


Grief is a natural process that allows us to recover from the loss we experience when someone dies. There are, however, healthy and unhealthy ways to manage your grief. It also can help to know what you might expect from the process. Please contact me for additional suggestions on dealing with grief resulting from the death of someone you love, including grief counseling services.

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