Renewing Vows

When You Still Do . . .

People have different reasons for renewing vows.

Most are familiar with the renewal or reaffirmation ceremony being conducted for couples who have been married for years to remind themselves and others of what they promised all those years ago. Often it is occasioned by a special anniversary or after the couple has endured some particularly difficult circumstances.

Other couples arrange for such a ceremony because they never had a “real” wedding. It may be that they eloped or chose a small wedding. Whatever the reason, they were unable to share the joyful event in a formal setting.

All of these are great reasons to renew wedding vows. Such services can be very meaningful for the couple as well as others. Often children of the couple promote the idea and take care of the arrangements. It is way of expressing their appreciation for the love and devotion of their parents to them and each other.

While a reaffirmation ceremony usually is not as formal or involved as a first wedding, it is important to plan and allow sufficient time to secure a venue, arrange for someone to officiate and send out invitations. Obviously, the more elaborate the ceremony, the more time will be required.

Unlike a wedding, the reaffirmation ceremony does not establish a legally binding relationship. Accordingly, no license is required and there are not the same restrictions on who can perform the service for you.

However, as these services often include many of the same elements and rituals that comprise a wedding, it helps to have someone who is familiar with these to conduct the renewal ceremony. You want the service to be meaningful and to honor your marriage relationship. Further, if the purpose for the ceremony is because you never had a “real” wedding, then all the more reason to seek out a professional to conduct the ceremony.

I consider it a joy to lead couples in the renewing of their vows. You will receive the same personal attention and professional service that I offer to those entering into marriage – and even more respect. After all, you possess a much greater appreciation of the significance and implications of your commitment. Together we can create a ceremony that uniquely reflects the way that your lives came together, the ways in which you two have become one and the hopes that you harbor for the future. If you are considering such a service for yourself, or you are interested in hosting one for someone you love, contact me by email, phone or the form that is available on the contact page.

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