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Wedding Minister on Proposal Planner

When you need a little help in popping the question, who do you call? There’s a new service that hopes to engage you, called a proposal planner.

In the course of my profession, I have identified and connected with people and businesses that offer a broad range of services. These include wedding planners, bakers, florists, chauffeurs, tuxedo shops and bridal boutiques.

All of these, including wedding ministers, have something in common – they are usually called upon after a couple decides to take their relationship to the next level and commit to one another in marriage. Most folks that find themselves at are planning a wedding.

Recently, however, I discovered a service that is provided by a pre-wedding specialist. Before this discovery I had assumed that jewelers made up the entire pre-wedding category. Turns out, there is another specialty in the category that is gaining notoriety – the proposal planner.

The proposal planner is a consultant who has but one task: to help a client pop the question in a romantic, creative and memorable manner. The cost depends on the level of service you desire. The proposal planner can do as little as suggest a couple of ideas or can take on the task of making all the arrangements, including that of introducing you to the other specialist in this category, the jeweler, and helping you select the right ring.

While this service appears to be growing in demand, it is not without its critics. Some contend that it removes the personal touch from the equation and makes it just another transaction. In all fairness, at least from what I understand, the client remains involved in the process of developing and implementing an idea. Others fear that the proposal planner means an elaborate production, but there’s nothing that keeps a unique proposal from being intimate or private. More to the point, the brilliance of the proposal should not exceed the sparkle of the ring. A planner might actually help maintain a healthy balance.

Others criticize the way television has sensationalized the event through shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette and fear that no one can live up to that kind of pressure even with the help of a planner. While the expectations may have risen as a result of television shows, I suspect the greatest expectation remains that the proposal be sentimental and reflect serious thought.

While a proposal planner may be beneficial, it cannot guarantee the outcome will be as hoped. One the other hand, a thoughtful and polished proposal can’t hurt.

While the proposal planner has found a niche in some metropolitan areas including New York, Los Angeles and Cleveland, I have yet to encounter someone who focuses on this particular service in the Triangle. If you provide this service locally or know of someone who does, please contact me.

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