Wedding Trends

Wedding Minister on Wedding Trends

Recent wedding trends like “Trashing the Dress” can prove dangerous.

Wedding trends and traditions come and go. Such is not surprising given that couples are continually looking for ways to make their wedding unique and memorable. That’s what keeps sites like Pinterest and The Knot humming at all hours of the day and night. It has been reported that fully a third of users who search these two sites for wedding ideas have not yet become engaged. Of greatest interest among those looking for wedding ideas are reception décor and photos of wedding dresses.

Since the wedding dress represents a significant investment for many brides, the research seems warranted. But what do you do with the wedding dress after the wedding ceremony? This is one tradition that appears to be changing.

Once upon a time, a bride would take her dress to the local dry-cleaners which would clean the gown and pack it away into a fancy box. I leave it to you to ponder how many ever fit into that gown again. Perhaps it is the risk of being reminded of that fact that so many couples are choosing another fate for that expensive gown. It has become known as “Trashing the Dress.”

Trashing the dress is the act of intentionally ruining the dress while the act is caught on camera or video. Some have used paint so that the couple ends up looking like they just finished a color me rad race. Others have staged a food fight at the reception that includes the flinging of red wine. Still others find a mud puddle or lake and jump in. Perhaps the most dramatic involves fire.

Natasha Samuel of Israel is trending on social media for setting her dress on fire and then running into the ocean. While others have used fire, few have risked wearing the dress while it is burning. For most, the dramatic effect is just not worth the risk. Last year a bride that was having her picture taken in a rushing stream was swept away to her death.

Speaking of risks associated with wedding trends, another Natasha – I leave it to you to ponder what it is about brides by that name – Natasha Jones recently allowed her new husband to launch her into the air by slingshot where she threw her bouquet to the waiting crowd. In fairness, her new husband, Jacob, endured the same fate in order to throw the garter. The event, captured on video, has been posted HERE.

Your idea of a special wedding day may not include the risk of death. There are still things that can make your ceremony unique. You can count on Randy to compose and conduct a wedding ceremony that reflects your unique love and history – slingshots and fire optional.